About Me.

My name is Amos Onwukwe, a SEO Copywriter.


Writing is my super power.

Here’s how it all started

My sojourn into writing dates back to my childhood days. 

Sounds cliché? I know, but that’s my truth.

So, in order to correct my horrible handwriting, my dad had me copy out entire books by hand.

One of them was “English Without Tears” by Elizabeth Pryse and Stephen Oloo.

How ironic,

Because I cried every line of it 😂

These days…

I smile 😁 when I receive feedback from clients praising my work and how it has made their lives and work much easier.

The BIG Question


Don’t you

+want to join the ranks of happy clients that leverage my SEO Copywriting skils to rank and rake in $$?


Do you

+want to see tangible results that can make your analytics guy go whoa?


Wouldn’t you rather

Work with a SEO Copywriter that finally gets it and doesn’t sweat it?

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